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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hack-at-it 2009

The annual GGobi hack-at-it was held June 5-7 in Ames Iowa. The main directions of work are

  • Development of a new canvas for R supporting interactive and dynamic graphics. Michael is leading the effort on this. Higher level routines for supporting brushing and linking are progressing, and the design will follow the pipeline ideas expressed in the 2008 Computational Statistics paper.
  • A tourr package is coming along for running tours, of many varieties, and allowing experimentation with tours, directly in R. This will eventually be integrated with the new canvas to allow brushing on the tour projections. A GUI has also been developed.
  • A simple GUI for interactive mosaic plots in R has been developed.
  • Another package developing templates for composite plots, such as pairs plots for multivariate data containing different types of variables is coming along. This is inspired by Jay Emerson's gpairs function in the YaleToolkit.