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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 Chambers award winner announced

We are pleased to announce that the judges of the Chambers Award have selected the winner of the 2009 competition: Yihui Xie, from the Renmin University of China. Yihui received this year's award for his submission "animation," an R package for using graphical and other animations to communicate the results of statistical simulations.

In addition to the US$1000 prize, the winner will have his JSM registration paid by the Computing Section and be reimbursed up to US$1000 for travel and housing at the meeting. As usual, the award will be presented at the Section's business meeting/mixer on Monday evening.

The judges for this year's competition were Torsten Hothorn, Simon Urbanek, and Hadley Wickham. Thanks to the judges for their hard work, dedication, and timeliness in making this year's competition a success.

J.R. Lockwood
The RAND Corporation
Awards Chair, ASA Statistical Computing and Graphics Sections

Sunday, April 12, 2009

GGobi and Choreography

You might be interested in this rather unusual use of GGobi - to explore and understand dance! Noel Cressie, Ola Ahlqvist, and Hyowon Ban from the Ohio State University have been involved in a collaborative project centred around a William Forsythe modern-dance piece called "One Flat Thing, reproduced. See their contribution, "Statistical counterpoint", and learn more about their work.